How To Go To Sepang Gold Coast – Sepang Gold Coast Map

How to go Sepang Gold Coast from Kuala Lumpur.

1. Drive towards KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
2. Take note, before KLIA, there is a turning to Sepang F1 Circuit/LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal)
3. Go all the way straight, as you are reaching the Sepang F1 Circuit, look for the signage to turn to Sepang Gold Coast. (You’d wouldn’t want to missed it, so drive slower and keep to the left lane.)
4. Once you see Sepang F1 Circuit on your right side, go straight until you see the cross junction traffic light. Turn right (look for the signboard that says Bagan Pelek.)
5. The roads will now be more narrow, just follow the signature to Bagan Lalang, Sepang Gold Coast or Sg. Pelek.
6. After quite awhile of driving, you’ll see a signature to Seri Malaysia, follow the signage and you’ve arrived.
7. While return back to Kuala Lumpur, be-careful and don’t go take the Klang way.
Sepang Gold Coast Map

If you driving from Johor Bahru, the shortest would be coming from Port Dickson – Lukut – Sepang. But driving from Port Dickson to Sepang through Lukut – Bukit Pelanduk might slower you down since its a local road. If you enjoy driving slow on local road with only palm trees (kelapa sawit) and small village along it then it should be a good choice then you will reach Pekan Sepang. Its only a small town. The town is the meeting point if you drive from KLIA or Port Dickson.

If you plan to take highway – after Seremban, exit New Klang Valley Expressway at Nilai and follow the direction to the KLIA. After exit KLIA toll, keep left and follow the direction to Low Cost Carrier Terminal or F1 Circuit. From the toll then you can follow the map as attached.

After reach Pekan Sepang, its gonna be quite tricky but follow the map below carefully then you sure will reach the destination.

Another Sepang Gold Coast Map


Reaching the Kuala Lumpur International Flight terminal is accessible through many highways. So for the function of this exercise– simply presume you are heading towards the KLIA.

1) Keep an eye out for indications to visit the LCCT (Low Cost Provider Terminal).

2) Look out for SEPANG INTERNATIONAL RACING CIRCUIT. Turn left at the junction. Drive on for an additional 15-20 minutes depending on traffic.

That’s Sepang town. Stop at the traffic lights, turn right and follow the road.

4) Drive on. It’ll take you another a good idea 20-25 mins before you reach the interchange into Bagan Lalang.

5) Do make a stopover at one of both roadside stalls selling dragon fruits. I prefer the last stall. The woman is really friendly. See to it you example the Dragon fruit, papaya & aloe vera enzymes. Chemicals are good for health and wellness! The store also offers a great deal of other fruits. Look into the ‘misai kuching’ tea,.

6) Drive on and you reach the Sungai Pelek community. Do not worry– it’s another 5 mins steer from here.

7) Look out for the Sepang Goldcoast directional indications & you will not fail. Turn right to get in to Bagan Lalang. Turn to the delegated take part in the roadway bring about Sepang Goldcoast. Yes– the area is also called BAGAN LALANG.

8) Ought to you decide to steer straight and NOT ENTER Bagan Lalang — this road will bring you to Tanjung Sepat & Morib further down.

9) Tanjung Sepat has fresh, reasonably priced fish and shellfish. Try to find the Fan’s Bridge restaurant. Okay. Check out the ‘pao’ (buns) and also ensure to visit the Ganoderma (mushroom) farm.

Best of luck & enjoy your drive!


Sepang Gold Coast Review

“Very Relaxing”

We stayed there for a day on Jan 2013. Sign in and check out without any problem. The swimming pool is clean and the sunset sight is extremely attractive. The chinese dining establishment served extremely delicious recipes with the affordable price. The area is clean and large. I enjoy the terrace at most. The room rates is quite higher otherwise perhaps we will look at to stay one more day.

“Great sight, spacious vacation homes”

I recommend keeping below as last destination before capturing plane back residence. Area to unwind, do massage (in the hotel, not low-priced though), swim and unwind. Swimming pool’s also little but not bad compared with the size of the home. Morning meal was ordinary, unexceptional, the nyonya kueh was not genuine therefore so. Yet there were choices. Steamboat unexceptional. We had kittens and Mosquitos circling us. Perahu restaurant, well, be prepared to hang around for your food. Do not come famished. Service is so so. Buggy service was inadequate. Constantly enable 30 minutes for it to arrives if one need buggy to check out. Personnel appears need more training on treating the visitors. They do not grin alot. sour face around, except the receptions. Lost and located department, all I may claim, they are dropped themselves. Be ready to be postponed, they don’t ring back and when we call back, should tell the exact same tale once again and get the exact same response, without any good outcome.
Area was spacious, tidy and enviro pleasant. Keep in mind to give reasonable ideas and points start to occur.

Room Tip: Ask for vacation home dealing with the opposite edge of various other villa so one obtain ocean view not various other villas.

If you need buggy to check out, allow 30 minutes for it to shows up. Team seems require more exercise on managing the visitors. Be prepared to be put on hold, they do not ring back and when we call back, need to inform the very same tale again and obtain the exact same feedback, with no beneficial effects.

“The Palm Resort fulfillee my expectarions & more! A definite revisit.”

One thing I must say is that this resort is trying its best. Previous reviewers have commented about the unhospitability of the staff but when we were there we found that despite it being a busy long weekend, the staff were trying their best. Kudos to the reception and housekeeping staff, though the clubhouse staff did seem a bit stressed and I can’t blame them all that much, really. One thing that did strike me though was that a young staff member, when asked for the menu at breakfast time, brought us the lunch/dinner menu and drinks list.

The rooms: we had booked the Canary Palm villa, which is the smaller of the two-room villas (the bigger being the Ivory Palm villa). We were pleasantly surprised that the rooms were well-decorated, with comfy beds reminiscent of another well-known hotel chain’s famous beds. The room is divided with screen doors and has no ceilings, giving a view of the thatched roof, which is nice, but doesn’t allow much privacy. If someone is watching TV in the ‘living’ area, it is heard in the ‘sleeping’ area.

Bathrooms are nice and quite spacious for a chalet.

The pool: wish it were bigger! And 9am is way too late to open the pool, it should open the latest by 8am. Because it was a peak season we could only get a reasonable amount of space during lunchtime!

The beach: the hotel has a small stretch of private beach which it takes pains to keep clean. (Bagan Lalang is a very popular public beach). Overall, the sea and beach are cleaner here than the more frequented Port Dickson. However, depending on the time of year, most of the day may be low tide and the sea will be out till late afternoon (which happened to us), so do the water sports the moment you have enough water to swim in.

The Straits of Malacca are the busiest shipping straits in the world, or so I have been told, and so the water is not clear/blue anywhere on the West Coast but at least here it is swimable. On the plus side, being protected by Sumatra, the sea here is shallow with small waves, which makes it extremely suitable for children.

The restaurant: the clubhouse is the only place serving breakfast but there are other restaurants on the hotel grounds, which we did not really have a chance to try. If you eat at the shore at dinner time, wear mosquito repellant.

To avoid battling with the tour bus crowds, we did not opt for the buffet breakfast although it looked reasonably good, but had the American breakfast instead. Pleased to say that the chef really made an effort with the presentation of the food. The croissants and danish pastries are margarine-based, which gives them a bit of a funny taste. Jams are of three-star hotel quality. Could use some improvement there.

The downs: perhaps because of group tourism (three buses were there during our stay), there is quite a bit of wear-and-tear on the furnishings, and staff also do not seem to be very observant as to curtains hanging off hooks, nor do they seem to think a run in the sheers is a problem. If this bothers you, don’t stay here.

If you expect to hear waves lapping below your chalet, that’s not the case because as mentioned earlier, the sea is calm and the chalets are out at sea where waves don’t break. However, you may hear the steady hum of air-conditioners. The resort is using a brand of air conditioner known for being ‘noisy’, and some units probably should be replaced soon.

If you want peace and quiet, make sure your unit is far from the clubhouse and facing the sea. Clubhouse puts on shows (probably on weekends/high occupation) which can be noisy, and there is this guy on the beach who comes in with his boombox of a car and holds impromptu karaoke performances until the wee hours of the morning! (The authorities need to look into this! Ridiculous to have someone disturbing the whole area with singing until past midnight.)

All in all, I would come back but only off-season.

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