Bagan Lalang

Bagan Lalang is a beach front desired destination nearby Sungai Pelek town in Sepang area, around 60km right from Kuala Lumpur. At one time a peaceful fishing small town, the Sepang Gold Coast incorporated vacation resort development has replaced the area into a growing holiday getaway; the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas the very first of a sequence of high-end hotel, resort and apartment plans.

In the meantime, worldwide guests transiting at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 30km aside get a easy location for a instant sojourn as they wait for the next trip out. Last but not least, sunny weather conditions, peaceful sea, stunning surroundings and easy access from KL enhances the travel appeal to this tropical vacation.

Little understood to the outside world, the deserted sandy coasts of Bagan Lalang are the area to get away from the crowds and enjoy life’s straightforward pleasures. Enjoy angling, jogging or kite flying prior to enjoying some amazing sundowns as the day finishes. At nightfall, the surrounding regions develop into a beehive of activities by following open-air eateries offering succulent fish and shellfish thrills such as ikan bakar or barbequed fish. The region is gradually being created as part of the Selangor Golden Coast, however the normal charm of the coastline will certainly not be overshadowed.

On week-ends, the beach is a busy mess of friends, families and couples engaging in picnics, kite-flying, boating and other recreational activities. In tandem with tourist growth, numerous hakwer stalls and restaurants have mushroomed along the shore, offering local delicacies of ‘Ikan Bakar’ (traditional grilled fish’), ‘Satay‘ (barbequed meat kebabs), and exciting seafood dishes. For visitors who can’t afford a stay at Sepang Gold Coast, several budget hotels can be found along the beach, mostly training resorts that cater for large groups. Even within this range, you can find comfortable rooms with modern facilities at higher rates, or pick absolutely basic accommodation with more beds than towels. Beyond Bagan Lalang, there are further places of interest not too far away, such as; Tanjung Sepat, a fishing town renowned for seafood; Morib, an alternative beachside destination; and Jugra, a historical town that was once the royal capital of Selangor.

Ideal Hours to visit and Weather

The best time recommended traveling this peaceful park is in the afternoon during low tide. The shallow pools of water and big sprawling place is best for kids to wade while not straining a muscle or run around.

There is also a stretch of mangroves too for fellow nature explorers. This beach is well-known for its ikan bakar or barbecued fish. Eating places serving various fish and other seafood dishes are open till late night to cater for the ever-increasing number of tourists and visitors. You also have another choice, which is an inexpensive chinese restaurants just 10 minutes away from Sepang. For a more local touch, there is the night markets, open on Sundays.

Experience this quiet and quiet surrounding of Bagan Lalang with family and friends. A simple and quiet place for those who wants to get away from the hustle bustle of their busy lifestyle.

There are budget Hotels and a variety of chalets available to those who want to spend more than a day at Bagan Lalang.

The weather is mostly sunny throught the year, but with the heaviest rainfall occuring during the northeast monsoon, from September to December. The sea is quite safe to swim in, as long as you watch the tide and keep track of time. Low tide begins in morning; the sea recedes slowly until noon, when wide stretches of mudflats reveal themselves along the beach. Towards early evening, the waters begin drawing back progressively, until high tide commences in full swing just before dark.

A wonderful place to enjoy spectacular sunsets, Bagan Lalang is an ideal place for beach activities such as volley ball and jogging. By night, the surrounding area turns into a bustling place filled with mouth-watering seafood delight in open-air eateries.

As Bagan Lalang is still part of a traditional fishing society, the resident locals (including hawker stall operator and traders) have a backwater mentality and strange mindsets, though facets of it have much better appreciate it to tourism.

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